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Advertising vs Subscription. Written by on MediumTwelve Days in Xinjiang: How China's Surveillance State Overwhelms Daily Life. Written by Josh Chin and Clément Bürge for The Wall Street JournalThe Macedonian Teen Who Mastered Fake News. Written by Samantha Subramanian for WiredComplete Oral History of Boutique HotelsWritten by Deanna Ting for SkiftThe Coming Restaurant Apocalypse That Isn’t**. Written by Nick Kokonas on MediumI Spent a Month on Religious Dating Websites, and I did not get #Blessed. Written by Hanna Nobel for The Bold ItalicChannel Shock: The Future of Travel Distribution. Written by Andrew Sceivachman for SkiftThe Curious Case of the Alien in the Photo and the Mystery that Took Years to Solve. Written by Les Carpenter for The GuardianHow To Build A Restaurant Empire. Interview by Janice Leung Hayes for Hong Kong TatlerIs Finland’s Basic Universal Income a Solution to Automation, Fewer Jobs and Lower Wages? Written by Sonia Sodha for The Gu…