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Record Shops in Bali

Where to find a good and comprehensive record shops in Bali? I got the answer for you! Read through to find some of the most recommended record shops in Bali.
Rewind Records Rewind is perhaps the best record shop in Bali. Selling old and new vinyls, CDs, cassettes, record player, books, DVDs, and various cool stuffs Where: Batu Bolong (5 minutes walk from both The Slow and Deus Ex Machina) Contact:
Substore Substore Bali is similar to that of Bandung's Substore. They are selling mainly CDs and DVDs Where: Jalan Merdeka, Denpasar Contact:
Memoria Record Store
Selling CDs, cassettes, and books
Where: Jalan Dewi Sri, 1 minute walk from Bakmi MG

Badung Digs
Selling old and new CDs, cassettes, and vinyls
Where: Kerobokan, just next to Tuck & Trap coffee shop