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The History of Kastengel and Nastar

During Idul Fitri or Lebaran, Indonesian moslems encounter an endless supply of foods (YES!); in Java, popular Lebaran dishes are of course ketupat and the opor ayam. But the strange thing is there are European snacks namely kastengel and nastar circulated heavily through online and traditional shop during Lebaran. Well, this is this the history:
Kastengel comes from the Dutch "kaas / cheese" and "stengel / stick" hence the whole words mean "cheese stick". In Netherlands, the original kaastengels is indeed stick-like; it is thin with 15cm length. The primary ingredients of kaastengels include gouda cheese (cheese that red skin), cheddar and edam, and also puff pastry. Kaastengels are usually served with soup and salad during Christmas or local holidays.
Being colonised by the Dutch for hundreds of years, the kaastengels were popular among the priyayi (noblemen) of Indonesia. For some reasons the original kaastengels dough was changed from its original thin …