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Silampukau Live in Bali

Silampukau live at Rumah Sanur. Recorded at Rumah Sanur - Bali.
Members: Kharis Junandharu - Vocals, guitar Eki Tresnowening - Vocals, guitar
Additional member: Rhesa Filbert - Bass, cymbals

A Brief History of Urban Boutique Hotels in America

1977 – Studio 54 was founded by Ian Schrager and his partner Steve Rubell: Studio 54 was built as an opera house in the 20s before Ian and Steve converted into a famous night club. The club was notable for its constantly changing décor, music, and themed-parties. The club was sold to its new owner in the 80s following ownership turmoil involving mafias and various criminal-related problems. The club is currently running as opera house again
Late 70s - Bill Kimpton: A banker who suffered from depression, Bill developed hotels that were an antidote to his melancholy. He felt people were generally anxious and lonely on the road, and that intimacy and personal service would help people feel less lonely while being away from home. The hotels team would be an “on-the-road” family and the hotels wine hours would later on introduced as a way for guests to know the hotels staff and other travelers
1981 – Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants was founded by Bill Kimpton: Kimpton hotels is said to be i…

World's Oldest Hotel, Houshi (法師)

A video by  Fritz Schumann. The Houshi hotel held the record for being the oldest hotel until 2011 when the Guinness Book of World Records discovered an older hotel also in Japan.

Make America Great (Britain) Again, a Spotify Playlist

Oh, moon of Alabama 
We now must say goodbye 
We've lost our good old mama 
And must have whisky, oh, you know why
- Elisabeth Hauptmann (popularized by The Doors)

A Brief History of Bali Tropical Boutique Resorts

After a long delay, the renovation construction of the Bali Hyatt (Now Hyatt Regency Bali) finally gets its green light. The news came from the offical Facebook page and highlighted with a comment mentioning that the management will keep the original lobby, guest room buildings and the lush green garden; all designed by renowned designers who helped shaped the future of tropical boutique resorts.
It was all started in Sanur when Wija Waworuntu landed in Bali and built his private house in Sanur. Read the summarized history below:
1962 - Tandjung Sari was founded by Wija Waworuntu (Sanur): The boutique hotel was actually built by Wija as a private leisure house for his family but eventually evolved to a boutique hotel. The hotel is considered one of the first hotels in Bali Tandjung Sari 1962 – Bali Beach Intercontinental Hotel started its construction (Sanur): It was initiated by the Government of Indonesia and funded by war reparations from the Kingdom of Japan. The construction project …