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13 Interesting Facts About Hotel Technology Development

With the advancement of technology, hospitality industry is getting more and more sophisticated. It involves multimillion dollars investment in branding, digital marketing, guest experience & quality management, distribution & revenue, hotel system, employee recruitment (new roles are specifically created/developed to follow current standards), and so on.

Today we’ve heard a lot about in-room hotel iPads, robot butler & concierge, and voice-activated hotel rooms. There are also a completely different hospitality business models with the arrival of coliving spaces such as Welive and and the famous sharing-economy based Airbnb. But it’s good to know what hospitality industry looked like 100 years ago (or more), take a look at 13 historical development of hospitality technology below:

In 1840s Thomas Cook, a Baptist preacher, signed a deal with the Midland Railway to organize the transportation of 500 members of his temperance society. The railway would offer a package …