how radiohead built the hype for a moon shaped pool

in the age of 'surprise dropping', releasing an album is no longer a long marketing process. radiohead is very well-known as the so-called innovator in music and music marketing; having released their own Kid A album in unusual manner -they streamed the album ahead of the official release date in 2000, selling In Rainbows using pay-what-you-want method in 2007, and now erasing their social media 'presence' in the height of the anticipation of their ninth album.

why did radiohead erase their social media posts and put plain white color as their profile picture? the answer is simple; this is the cheapest and easiest way to glue fans and media to any possible news shared on radiohead's social media accounts. it works. really well. according to the screenshot i took from data provider next big sound. the screenshot was taken on 4 may 2016, 4 days prior to the official digital release date and around 36 hours after radiohead turned their social media blank. the new album topped the UK chart and finished #3 in the US from digital sales only.

however, it's unknown whether this action might work efficiently for other musicians.

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how radiohead build the hype for a moon shaped pool
how radiohead build the hype for a moon shaped pool


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