A Brief History of Bali Tropical Boutique Resort

After a long delay, the renovation construction of the Bali Hyatt (Now Hyatt Regency Bali) finally gets its green light. The news came from the offical Facebook page and highlighted with a comment mentioning that the management will keep the original lobby, guest room buildings and the lush green garden; all designed by renowned designers who helped shaped the future of tropical boutique resorts.
It was all started in Sanur when Wija Waworuntu landed in Bali and built his private house in Sanur. Read the summarized history below:
1962 - Tandjung Sari was founded by Wija Waworuntu (Sanur): The boutique hotel was actually built by Wija as a private leisure house for his family but eventually evolved to a boutique hotel. The hotel is considered one of the first hotels in Bali Tandjung Sari 1962 – Bali Beach Intercontinental Hotel started its construction (Sanur): It was initiated by the Government of Indonesia and funded by war reparations from the Kingdom of Japan. The construction project …

Rest in Peace, Toby Smith

Smith is the co-founder of Jamiroquai and was the keyboard player for the band for more than 10 years. I dare to say that he is the one-third of Jamiroquai's music with the other two are the frontman Jason Kay and bass player Stuart Zender. Smith co-wrote almost all songs on Jamiroquai's first five albums before resigning in 2002. As my favourite keyboard player from the 90s, his notable co-writings and performances including the songs Mr. Moon, Space Cowboy, Alright, Deeper Underground, Little L, and fans favourite Virtual Insanity.
His performance is featured on my Spotify playlist, Songs Featuring Rhodes Piano.

Rest in peace, Toby Smith. 



Songs Featuring Rhodes Piano

Songs featuring rhodes piano to accompany your night drive or rainy night or whatever. Enjoy.

Cooking And Television: Origins

Books are knowledge repository of the past, not least in the world of cooking and culinary. Books are also another alternative for passing knowledge for verbal sharing and private courses. Though it retains its loyal readers, the stellar importance of books are slowly eroded by television (TV) in latter years and the rate of knowledge and information sharing had increased dramatically with the invention of TV by Englishman, John Baird, in 1928.
Experiment 9 years later (1937), the British TV station BBC aired the first ever cooking show. The show was hosted by Marcel Boulestin, a French-born Chef and restaurateur who lives in England. The show was far from successful since watching people cook on TV is still considered strange at that time. But on the other hand the show was notable for increasing the reputation of French food among British audience.
This so called cooking show had its counterpart in the US with I Love To Eat, first aired in 1946 hosted by Chef James Beard through NBC. T…

Indonesia's Recommended Boutique Hotels

The Gunawarman Location: Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Type: All-suite Keys: 25 Best for: Bleisure
The Sanchaya Location: Lagoi, Bintan Type: Suites and pool villas Keys: 30 Best for: Luxe island getaway
Katamama Location: Seminyak, Bali Type: All-suite Keys: 58 Best for: Nights about town
Bisma Eight Location: Ubud, Bali Type: All-suite Keys: 38 Best for: Ubud exploration
The Slow Location: Canggu, Bali Type: Suites and pool villas Keys: 10 Best for: Tropical retreat

The Wildest Live Music Performance Ever

The Mars Volta - Day of the Baphomets (The Henry Rollins Show 2007)

Radiohead - Idioteque (Glastonbury 2003)

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Bucharest 1992)

Rage Against The Machine - Killing in the Name of (PinkPop 1993)

Beastie Boys - Sabotage (Woodstock 1999)

King Crimson - FraKctured (Bonn 2000)

Banksy's The Walled Off Hotel

In cooperation with local owners, anonymous graffiti artist Banksy opens a The Walled Off Hotel in the West Bank. Dubbed as the hotel with "the worst view in the world", its rooms are outfitted with items from Israeli barracks and are bookable with price starts from $30/night (and yes it includes wifi and complimentary earplugs!).

What is Radiohead's Saddest Song?

Many people said Radiohead's songs are bleak or depressive. But which Radiohead's song is the most depressive one? This guy has the answer with an interactive chart here.


Today marks the 10th anniversary of 02.23.07, a song that I wrote 10 years ago in Bali. The song segues to the subsequent song in the EP, Beth Shalom Synagogue.
Happy birthday!

Data Selfie

My friend just shared me this: data selfie