The Exotic Sounds Of Bali

Before the legendary supergroup Guruh Gipsy released their one and only album in 1976, several foreign musicians had encountered the exotic Balinese culture and mixed it with their modern works. This allegedly triggered by three things: the arrival of the painter Walter Spies to Bali in 1927 (who will also have a role in transforming the ritual Kecak to become a cultural attraction for tourists), papers and research conducted by American ethno-musicologists Mantle Hood on traditional music of Java and Bali in the the '50s (Mantle eventually recorded an album The Exotic Sounds of Bali in 1963), and a BBC documentary-which is narrated by a leading environmentalist-naturalist Sir David Attenborough entitled The Miracle of Bali (1969). The film is divided into three sessions; general info about Bali and its culture, ritual-spiritual tradition, and the latter is about the music and dance.

Monkey Chant Jade Warrior is one of the first British bands that uses elements of Balinese music. Th…


Here's the playlist of electronic music's best beats that's not EDM. Enjoy!

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"Heroes" Turns 40


Meetup with Mondo Gascaro

Read my interview with music mastermind Mondo Gascaro on Seasalt's blog: watch hsi performance in Rumah Sanur, Bali, below. Enjoy!

Abandoned Hotels in Bali

Bali is a tourists haven. Famous for its pristine beach, majestic mountains, lush rice paddy fields, countless hotels, and some abandoned hotels too. These are some of the most legendary abandoned hotels around Bali that we can visit and explore (at your own risk):
Bali Cliff Resort Owned by Sigit Harjojudanto, the son of Suharto, Bali Cliff Resort was opened in 1992 and running in normal operation for the next 13 years. The resort was shut down for renovation in 2005 but it never reopened. The 175-room resort was the first five-star resort in Ungasan - Uluwatu area, boasting various food & beverages outlets namely The Cliff (casual dining), The Seloka Club (described as "a place to enjoy a snack ror a delicious dinner then tango or lambada the night away"), The Asuka (Japanese restaurant), The Ocean Restaurant (cliff-side seafood restaurant), Tirta Pizzeria (pizza restaurant), and Pool Bar (obviously, a bar). Other facilities include a tennis court, outdoor stage for perf…



Record Shops in Bali

Where to find a good and comprehensive record shops in Bali? I got the answer for you! Read through to find some of the most recommended record shops in Bali.
Rewind Records Rewind is perhaps the best record shop in Bali. Selling old and new vinyls, CDs, cassettes, record player, books, DVDs, and various cool stuffs Where: Batu Bolong (5 minutes walk from both The Slow and Deus Ex Machina) Contact:
Substore Substore Bali is similar to that of Bandung's Substore. They are selling mainly CDs and DVDs Where: Jalan Merdeka, Denpasar Contact:
Memoria Record Store
Selling CDs, cassettes, and books
Where: Jalan Dewi Sri, 1 minute walk from Bakmi MG

Badung Digs
Selling old and new CDs, cassettes, and vinyls
Where: Kerobokan, just next to Tuck & Trap coffee shop

The History of Kastengel and Nastar

During Idul Fitri or Lebaran, Indonesian moslems encounter an endless supply of foods (YES!); in Java, popular Lebaran dishes are of course ketupat and the opor ayam. But the strange thing is there are European snacks namely kastengel and nastar circulated heavily through online and traditional shop during Lebaran. Well, this is this the history:
Kastengel comes from the Dutch "kaas / cheese" and "stengel / stick" hence the whole words mean "cheese stick". In Netherlands, the original kaastengels is indeed stick-like; it is thin with 15cm length. The primary ingredients of kaastengels include gouda cheese (cheese that red skin), cheddar and edam, and also puff pastry. Kaastengels are usually served with soup and salad during Christmas or local holidays.
Being colonised by the Dutch for hundreds of years, the kaastengels were popular among the priyayi (noblemen) of Indonesia. For some reasons the original kaastengels dough was changed from its original thin …


Seasalt is finally open at Alila Seminyak. A unique seafood restaurant, Seasalt is my second restaurant project after Cuca in Jimbaran. Check Seasalt website for more information:

Rest in Peace, Chris Cornell

I read the news today oh boy, Chris Cornell just passed away at 52. Chris is, for me, the greatest rock singer of the in the last 20 years. His voice is raw yet very virtuosic - he is also an outstanding interpreter of various popular songs. His music writings is melodic, rebellious, and complex at the same time (unusual time signature, tight and dramatic chord sequences) - perhaps the most advance grunge songwriter among his peers. To remember his talent, here are some of Chris Cornell best live performances